Removing the Cloud

Can't remember if I've talked about with this before in my blog, it's been a while. Mainly because I've been working towards this idea. Rather than building a social network I've instead moved on to doing the whole cloud myself. Removing Google, Amazon, and Microsoft from my life, I would encourage others but that's wishful thinking. Instead I'm just doing my own thing. Got myself a server and moved all my applications out of the cloud. Of course some of the stuff I use are hard to move like this blog but for everything else I'm completely independent.

   For a lot of people this might seem a strange time to do this, with cloud computing becoming cheaper and easier. I see the writing on the wall. Obvious reason, my competitive business model, with the big three companies. Its becoming more important for me to move out of the cloud. So even if I wasn't already worried or paranoid as some might call it about my code. I'm already competing at some…

Accessibility Designing

One of the standards that I'm adapting on my own with real interest is handling accessibility for all my major applications. I like to think of printing last as a concern. I think the best practice that I've come up with helping me get in the habit is during the initial color design. Since I may or may not be slight color blind and hear way to often my colors are too light or don't match. I think matching part just comes from the fact I don't understand fashion. Which is why I was the same outfit, you can't mess up with khakis. In other words getting the habit is much the same with my applications with a little variety here and there. I'm not going for anything bold just modern, so here are the tools I use.

Contrast Ratio: Easily calculate color contrast ratios. Passing WCAG was never this easy!Accessibility Developer Tools - Chrome Web Storejust a bit of caution don't solely depend on this, just like the mobile view in chrome

Bugging Out About Code

Its one battle after another battle and not one you can always win. I've watched good ideas die before they even had a chance but even worse bad ideas take over development. Its a difficult thing to watch. I think the most important things on how to approaching this issue comes down to these points.
Encouraging & passinate work environment.people who don't understand will try and want to here.Strong co-worker relationshipworking alone is nice but teams should come together on certain projects or piceces of code.Clear Objective goalsIf you can't get support from your team/manager then use deadlines to beat the competition. It gets harder at this point to not just complain about things or talk about my experience. Whic think could give some insight. Instead I'll just follow my last point and and the article with this. Passion is never a negative and there's always another problem to be solve so don't burn yourself out.

Not just Open Source, but Something a little more

For the most difficult parts of my career I have pushed for open source among my peers. The number one benfit being standardized code, a benefit for everyone involved. I've even drawn  a fine line for everyone I'm come across with to make it simple. If a user can see your code they can take it, so why not improve it with the help of others. Let others improve upon it or poke holes in it. I've also pointed out to nay sayers that it is a good idea not to make your code specific to an application's needs. Aboid sensitive information that can get tangled inside your logic. Separate it, mask and encrypt it do whatever you got to do. As for frontend code in the modern world, its like writting a book. Your core will be read by someone. If it's good enough people will repeat it. Which is what you should want, Just like books some of the pages are unnecessary or fill up the book with more context which can tie it down. Its on that idea why I adopted other people's code…

Android Cheatsheet

Angular Cheatsheet

Aspnet MVC Cheatsheet

Probably the best place to start with this cheatsheet is with this blog itself. I have tons of articles under my tags "aspnet" and "aspnet-mvc" on this blog. Since aspnet is where I started in my career its probably the most important cheatsheet I should have ready. This article will always be on going...

Assigning and Setting Bound models
some of my notes here include javascript because so much of my code is, but you need to be aware how it ties in with the backend. Accessing Your Model's Data from a ControllerMicrosoft Workers Worry Most About Re-Org - Dice NewsUse View Models instead of FormCollection - Jaco PretoriusAssign Model property value from JavaScript valueMVC 3 form post and persisting model dataSetting property on the model object? (javascript)Controller without a form?Sending JSON to an ASP.NET MVC Action Method ArgumentJSON.stringify not converting array.object correctly (javascript)associative array to JSON (javascript)Working on JSON objects in…