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Can't Join Them, Rebuild Them

For a while now I've changed my thoughts on how I want to move forward in my career. If I can't get a job at the company I want then I'll start making my own. With all the benefits that comes with it and along the way maybe help current and future employers (but its mostly for me). Building large enterprise systems that not only meet the same level of other big name company applications but have a concise and simpler architecture for performance and development . Leaving me with zero question on the implementation.
List of Apps Note - StartedShare notes between different accounts on same device or just different accounts.Blog - (based off blogger/orchard recipes extended)better syntax writing, no external system needed.github backup and unit testing for html markup.(maybe link testing with junit)direct api services better theming and default server valuesjson based recipes rather than xmlAnalytics - Started mobile featuresmobile navbar and css standardsBrowser - 2029Better d…

Eye Tracking Project Notes

One of the main reasons I bought a 3d printer was to explore the idea of creating a headset with a medium to low end camera attached to it.  With a enough luck create a device that would work by tracking the eye. At the moment I'm putting this project on hold but I want to look at these resources later.

Open Source Projects
Eye Tracking Open source eye trackingPyGaze | Open source eye-tracking software and more.OGAMA (OpenGazeAndMouseAnalyzer)Devices and Alternatives

Angular: Custom Value Checkbox

Sometimes the dba won't change a field's datatype in the database which why handle all my databases now days. Just some quick notes for handling custom values to send back to the database for a form post. Using angular 1.5...

<inputtype="checkbox"ng-model="item.selected"ng-true-value="'TRUE'"ng-false-value="'FALSE'"/> - "add quotations because it's an angularjs expression and it also needs to be a constant" 

Resources view not updating when checkbox clickedPassing dynamic value with single quote as a ng-true-value expression fails

Don't Prompt for Permissions without the User's Direct Interaction

For all the applications out there! Stop pushing for permissions and stop probing for information without reason. Regardless of your necessity for a feature a user is the right for not installing or using an app without clear intent. Action from the user are a direct link from the developer to the client for clear reason and intent on why they need permissions. I see this now and again with website using geo-location and never giving a reason on why the need the permissions but sure enough its the first prompt I get on their site...  This why I really like the recent changes with android its a little annoying for coding but the information needed for the user on why you need some information is clear. I always have to fight with project managers on whats initiate and I can be more direct on why I need something than from what you are asking me to do. There is still room for error (security issues) with a client if they still don't trust an application which I always say they can …

VS 2015 - The Operation Could not be Completed Invalid Pointer

This bug appears to happen in both visual studio 2015 and 2010 but I've only run into it for 2015. I'm not sure what I did to cause this other maybe moving around projects. I don't think that was the cause but I do sometimes delete the appdata folder. My solution for this bug is simple delete the AppData folder again (hahah).  I found from other sites that is the ComponentModelCache folder specifically that you want to delete. It goes without saying close all visual studio windows before doing this. Folder Under: C:\Users\{YourUsername}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\ComponentModelCache

User-Agent Styled Web Applications

This idea came from awhile back when I was working on my project rustkickers. The purpose of the site is to provide documentation on all things motor related. While working on a demo for the site used a old car manual to create some of the designs. That goes me thinking why not make multiple site designs around different car manufactures. Then even further down the rabbit I landed here, which is what this article. Another thought but a cool one I think and yes I know you can't trust the user-agent but it doesn't matter its just the style not the content. 

Intial Solution
Optimizing content for different browsersFilter based on webkitChrome conditional commentsIs there any equivalent to IE conditional comment for chrome and safari?IE10 CSS Hacksload webfonts through the offline storage cache manifestAfter playing around with this idea for awhile I figured handling this is the frontend at all was not worth it because of performance. Unless your looking at it with a single css a…

Fixing Chrome Settings - Windows Registry

Take a look at your policies! Always messing with things and there are three keys when it comes to chrome that need to be setup probably for you to enjoy the internet. Check them out either with "regedit" or chrome://policy/
Adding the correct Policies! “Sign in to Chrome” missing; No syncing options in chrome://settings Can’t update, can’t sync? no problem. just add these three keys, even if the Chrome key isn’t there just create it and add the children keys.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update\UpdateDefault HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\SigninAllowed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\SyncDisabled @="0"
Extra Registry Stuff (Windows 7)
I didn't want to make another article on this stuff but had use for it.

wallpaper-in-windows-7-locked-down-by-domain-group-policyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorertheme-allow-prevent-changingCarry out the following steps: Start the Registry …

Definitions for Business Model Canvas

For awhile I've been taking classes online for entrepreneurship this is just one of many articles I will be writing. Here this the start of them and some notes for myself, under the label "business".

Value Propositions - an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.
Customer segmentation -is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests and spending habits. Customer segmentation, also called consumer segmentation or client segmentation, procedures include: Deciding what data will be collected and how it will be gathered Collecting data and integrating data from various sources Developing methods of data analysis for segmentation Establishing effective communication among relevant business units (such as marketing and customer service) about the segmentation Implementing applications to effectively deal with the data an…

Firebase Database with App Indexing

Since the release of MyPatco a lot has improved and one of the major improvements was changing the backend architect. For the user this meant faster data in real-time. As well as a smaller app because most the data is handled in the plugin. However recently I've been contacting the firebase team with little success on making a firebase datase indexable for Google search. This is by design as the sitemap for the domain on the database prevents indexing. Note that the domin used for your firebase database is different from your your firebase hosting. The only solution currently around this as I know is hosting the database in gcloud as well as the website to edit the sitemap.

As of 4/20/2017 from firebase team - "Our engineering team has confirmed that we don't support crawling non-HTTP network traffic like UDP, and the crawl failures you see in SearchConsole'sFetch As Google tool won'tblockyour apps from being indexed by Google and getting re-engagement from Google…

Making my own CMS

Back in 2012, I started writing out my own idea an cms or what one should look like and how it should interact with its developers. I've looked at other cms projects and even contributed to my favorite one which is orchard. After jump around different technologies though I would still say a mean server application is probably the best choice for productivity and mobility with other technologies. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what the code is I can simply it with javascript. This is my take on a cms and before I start writing any code and I actually have my own set of requirements to achieve.
Function to wrap and unwrap a components with the container class.Function to make an element a link, plus add new target, and what it points to.A lot like what's in blogger when creating a post.reorder the records in a table and other permanently actions for simpler code.embed static content from the backend into static html, because somethings don't change.d…

Paypal's Brand and Material's Styling

Since google wallet is no longer available I've moved all my purchase features to paypal or other third parties if android pay isn't possible. While working on updates for Aptitude-Words and thinking about MyPatco I thought of what the material design version of paypal would look like . Since Apt-words is getting an update for the design.

Font & Styling
    From what I can find paypal uses Verdana Bold Italic and Google uses Droid Sans for the material design. Since the paypal icon will be either an icon or image I don't have to much concern for this just wanted to make a note of it. Speaking of icons font-awesome version 4.7.0 has the latest style of paypal if someone is looking to append this.

MyPatco Roadmap for 2017

If you have been following updates on mypatco's twitter account then you know that there has been a lot of updates since the initial release of mypatco. Now what I want to do is make plans for whats lays ahead for this project which I've been spot on for getting things do so far.  The highest on my list is finishing the ios app. The second is the app indexing because I think it will greatly help the app's grow faster than it currently is, which isn't bad but just simply improve out of interest. The end goal of this app is to become the number one app for patco and provide a great user experience for patco users even if I no longer use it. Third update is more straight forward and almost done. Just display the messages in the email as alerts on the mobile devices. The feature I would like to add to this requires a little oversight on my part but ultimately become  a tool for me to perform quick group updates for schedules on the fly. This is one way I see it and ano…

Loading Spinners inside Modal - Bootstrap

This solution for both static html and can be setup inside directive for angular 1.X. Just like with some of css3 I created awhile back these spinners ready as soon as the client hits the page hence way there's a static version.  A directive could be made to for dynamic situations like http requests. This implementation goes inside div or inside another component, while the global spinner closes the children and takes over.
  <div style="position:relative;height: 95px"  ng-show="data.length == 0">
    <div id="my-modal" class="modal fade in show" style="position: absolute">
      <div class="modal-dialog" style="width: 100px;margin-top: 2px;">
        <div class="modal-content">
          <div class="modal-body">
            <div class="spinner"></div>

Why you might want to use Amp

Currently working on a blogger template that is completely stripped down to bare bones to setup a AMP site. This just a list of reasons why you start using AMP at least for maybe for blogs which I'm more interested. I wouldn't recommend for business sites just yet. Unless you're site is very simple and straight forward or mostly middler-tier based anyway.Pro'sEverything in a AMP site is styled directly in the beginning of the site, no external stylesheets (a huge performance boost).Global styling forces developer to think globally about their styles. So the styles run more like a style guide.Styles are limited about the total amount for AMP making developers to do more with less.No inline-styles this is a plus because there is no surprises for other developers jumping in or modifying (look at cons).No inline javascript, where this is the same for inline styling.No external javascript, this is really something you will want to know before getting into AMP and you should…